It shares physical traits with gargoyles, scorpions and vampires (which share traits with bats). It is likely based on the […]

Like many of the Eeveelutions, Glaceon shares characteristics of foxes, dogs and cats. It is more closely based on an […]

Leafeon bears many similarities to cats and foxes, such as its behaviors like tree climbing, and its cry sounds similar […]

It is, as its name suggests, based on the Meganeura monyi, a particularly large, prehistoric species of dragonflies. Its species […]

Togekiss’s design appears to draw inspiration from fairies and birds. Its association with peace and joy, as well as its […]

Magmortar seems to be a buffed-up version of its pre-evolution’s inspiration, the karura. It also has features of a duck […]

It is based on vines. Considering Tangrowth’s shaggy appearance, Tangrowth may be based on an exaggerated concept of a shaggy […]

Electivire was likely based on a gorilla due to it being two-legged and its hairy features. It may also be […]

It appears to draw much of its inspiration from a rhinoceros, aspects of various dinosaurs (such as ceratopsids and Ankylosaurus) […]

Similar to its pre-evolution Lickitung, it may be based on lizards like iguanas and chameleons due to its long tongue […]

Weavile may be based on cats and weasels, but it also seems to draw inspiration from 鎌鼬 kamaitachi, weasel demons […]

Magnezone appears to be based on the concept of a fused Magneton; one of the Magnemite taking a larger form […]

Abomasnow appears to be based on a cross between an evergreen tree covered in snow and a yeti. Abomasnow is […]

Snover appears to have been based on the daikon radish, also known as the winter radish, which are traditionally harvested […]

Mantyke is based on a baby manta ray. Mantyke is a combination of manta and tyke (slang for child). Tamanta […]